Rixs Group of Companies Secures Exclusive Goodyear Engine Oil Dealership in Myanmar

Rixs Group of Companies proudly announces its exclusive partnership with Goodyear for the distribution of premium engine oils in Myanmar. This strategic alliance strengthens Rixs Group of Companies' commitment to delivering top-quality automotive lubricants to the Myanmar market. 


Key Points: 


    Exclusive Dealership: Rixs Group of Companies is now the exclusive distributor of Goodyear engine oils in Myanmar, offering customers access to cutting-edge lubrication solutions. 


    High-Quality Products: Goodyear's engine oils, known for their advanced technology and performance, will be available through Rixs Group of Companies' extensive distribution network. 


    Customer Focus: Rixs Group of Companies remains dedicated to providing excellent customer service, ensuring the widespread availability of Goodyear engine oils across the nation. 


Mr. Aung Myo Thu, CEO of Rixs Group of Companies, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, "This collaboration amplifies our commitment to excellence. We look forward to bringing Goodyear's premium engine oils to Myanmar and setting new standards in the industry."